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Sophie Dingemans working with Zoe

Every child has special needs

“Our work is founded on principles of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change itself.”
“Our intention is to support your child to become as physically, emotionally and psychologically independent as possible.”
“We have extensive experience working with children with a wide range of special needs.”
We are Feldenkrais practitioners based in Vienna, Austria, who specialise in working with babies, children and youngsters. We each bring a wealth of experience from our many years working with the Feldenkrais Method. Individually, we also bring expertise from many associated disciplines. Together, we share our insights to offer your child so much more
Sophie Dingemans
Malcolm Manning

What we offer

We offer individual Feldenkrais sessions for your child in which we also incorporate coaching for you and your carers.

We encourage parents and carers to take a few of these individual sessions so that you can experience the process directly yourselves.

We also give group workshops for parents, carers and professionals working with children.

How we work

We work not only on the child’s learning and development during the sessions, but also on partnering with and empowering you and your carers to support your child’s ongoing development.

By placing our emphasis on creating fertile conditions for learning, everyone involved learns to develop their own actions and behaviours to best support their own and the child’s growth.

Where we work

We are based in Vienna, Austria where we offer sessions and intensive series of sessions. You can contact us if you are interested.

We also travel to offer three-, four-, or five-day long intensives. You can see our full schedule on our calendar. For the first half of 2020 we offer those in Horsens (Denmark), Odense (Denmark), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Bucharest (Romania)