Malcolm Manning



I have nearly 30 years experience of working with the Feldenkrais Method which I continue to find profoundly transformational, both in my personal life and as a professional movement educator, researcher and artist.

I trained initially as a dancer and still teach in the field of dance for professionals. I also have extensive experience working with a wide range of people from different ages, professions and cultures. The Feldenkrais Method offers me a pedagogical framework within which I am able to share with others all the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

My other studies include experiential movement and developmental movement (Body Mind Centering), Traditional Chinese Medicine in connection with developmental movement and nutrition, and a range of body-centered (somatic) dance and movement practices that, like the Feldenkrais Method, foreground the self-organisational intelligence of the body.

I came to specialise in these fields because as a child I had many problems with my body though I always loved to move. My legs were in painful braces from 3-5 years old and at 14, after a series of injuries sustained while playing various sports, I was advised by doctors to avoid moving much.

In my early twenties and suffering crippling back pain, I was encouraged by an osteopath first to swim, and then to take up a sport again. Long story short, I have spent the rest if my life studying, practising and teaching movement and dance.

In working with children with special needs, I am especially concerned to create the kind of trauma-free and pain-free learning experiences, through gentle non-invasive touch and guided movements, that I would have wished for myself as a child.



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