Sophie Dingemans


I have helped many children and their families learn and develop beyond their perceived limitations. I have extensive experience working with children with a wide range of special needs, including:

cerebral palsy, spasticity due to accidents and premature birth, brain injury, childhood stroke, autism spectrum, a range of genetic disorders, different forms of epilepsy, apraxia, down syndrome, congenital brain defects, brachial plexus injury, scoliosis, undiagnosed developmental delays and difficulties, perception difficulties, muscular dystrophy, attention deficit disorder, anxiety problems, movement difficulties after accidents or surgery, learning difficulties, behaviour difficulties

In addition to working with children, I work with adults in both individual and group settings, addressing concerns from chronic pain and tension, stress and anxiety, and injury recovery and prevention, to high performance improvement and transformative self-development.

Key points

You can read more about me and my background and training on my website:


Over the last ten years I have developed an international full-time practice, specialising in working with children, babies and teenagers with special needs. I largely work through out Europe and the Nordic countries, and on return trips to New Zealand where I was born and raised.

I am based in Vienna, Austria, where I work in private practice at Elixier: a multi-disciplinary medical and health centre in the beautiful historic centre of the city.

Prior to moving to Vienna in 2019 I was based in Paris, France from 2011 to 2018.

Path to Feldenkrais

I discovered the transformative potential of Feldenkrais Method when seeking to address chronic pain, tension and stress. From my first experience I knew Feldenkrais could help me the way nothing else had to date, and I quickly made the decision to train as a practitioner.

I completed my Feldenkrais Method professional training from 2006-2010 in Wellington, New Zealand. I now live free from these chronic pain problems, and feel empowered emotionally and psychologically to meet and recover more quickly from life’s challenges.

Prior to my training and career as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I studied classical ballet at the New Zealand School of Dance (1995) and contemporary dance at UNITEC Performing Arts School (1996).

I went on to study theatre and hold a Master of Arts Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Auckland, where I wrote my thesis on Feldenkrais Method and actor training. I have also been recognised for my independent theatre work as a writer and director.

You can read more about me, my training and background on my website: