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We recognise what our son can do rather than focusing on what he can't

My son is almost nine years old and was diagnosed in his first year with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. All his functions are affected. We have been working with the Feldenkrais Method for almost six years now and we met Sophie and Malcolm two years ago.

Sophie and Malcolm start every session by asking me as a mother how my child is, what his challenges are right now, and what is he interested in? They support us as parents to be able to notice all the small changes in our child’s development that aren’t always so obvious to us.

We now recognise all these things that our son can learn to do rather than focusing on what he can’t. This is such a big gift. Not only for your special needs child, but also in everything you meet in your daily life. It builds up a positive mind-set instead of the negative.

There has been a lot of development over the last years. Anton is much more aware of the whole world around him. His vision is getting better and he can focus much more easily. He is also communicating a lot more, he makes a wider range of sounds, and he is expecting much more from us caregivers.

He is stronger and more resilient. He spends more time in school and loves socialising there. In his spare time he is able to join us for family outings and events  and enjoys them. This has made a huge difference to us as a family, because before we always had to stay at home with him or else find someone to take care of him.

I can really recommend the Feldenkrais Method. And as practitioners Sophie and Malcolm are skilled at identifying and supporting the growing points of your child and also you as a parent.


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