Improving everyone's lives

Coaching for parents and carers

We also focus on partnering with and empowering parents, caregivers and other educators or therapists so that everyone involved learns to adapt their own actions and behaviours to best support a child’s learning and development.

We teach simple ways to use touch, movement and directing attention to create the conditions at home and in daily life for a child to use and practice the new abilities that they learn in the lessons.

This way of working supports the new neural connections to fire together repeatedly, which in turn allows these new connections to become wired into the brain. The child, their family and carers are then empowered to continue to learn within the context of their daily life.

Learning with your child

Lessons for the whole family

We also recommend that parents and/or carers of children with special needs experience a lesson themselves. This will help you to appreciate the process the child might be experiencing and how dramatic the apparently small changes can feel from the inside.

By taking sessions with us, you and your carer will not only benefit yourselves but the children under your care will too. Understanding the process from inside will help to better understand and make use of the coaching we give.

We also assist the adults involved to overcome their own challenges, such as back pain from heavy lifting, so that they too can live more comfortably and vibrantly.