How does it work?

Key principles

  • We use touch and movement to create new connections in the brain – this is like building new roads for information to flow between the brain and the body
  • We look to fill in missing elements of developmental movement and perception – we don’t look to cure or fix anything but simply help your child to learn what’s next for them
  • We work with the child’s motivation and intention  – this makes their learning immediately useful to them and supports new abilities to be used again and again in daily life
  • We understand a child as a holistic human being – whose movements, thoughts, feelings and sensations work together to create their actions and behaviour
  • We help the child’s brain to learn to do what it could not do spontaneously on its own (due to difficulties) – the brain’s fundamental role in learning is improved to bring order into disorder
  • We work from the principles of neural plasticity – the brain’s ability to change and and learn allows for new abilities to occur and functional difficulties to be overcome or minimised