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To work with Julius is like signing up for a dance lesson!

To work with our son Julius is like signing up for a dance lesson! Julius is almost constantly moving around – waving his head, clapping his hands, moving his arms up into the air, swinging his upper body from side to side … looking and performing almost like a dancer!

In Sophie’s and Malcolm’s way of approaching Julius, we found him dance partners willing to follow his movement and in that way guide him to recognise and explore his own potential.

Sophie and Malcolm have shown Julius and us as parents a way to guide and learn through movement. We also learned to explore and make use of the moments when Julius actually chooses to sit quietly and peacefully on the table, next to us or on our lap. We have watched how Sophie and Malcolm can inspire Julius with even the smallest movements to turn on his awareness and concentration.

As parents we had been told that Julius’ movements should be corrected to be more “normal” and that Julius should learn and work on sitting at a table… but Sophie and Malcolm have shown us how to build up the movements that Julius can do and enjoys rather than telling us to change our son’s behaviour.

Anna and Christoffer

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  • Lissa Streeter says:

    Hello, just wanted to say that I’d stopped in here to have a look see. What a wonderful site, full of positive force and obvious creativity ! So proud of both of you. Especially like the attitude of seeing and going along with what the child had in mind as opposed to obliging them to conform to some sort of image of “normal” .

    Malcolm very much liked the last lines of your description : “ In working with children with special needs, I am especially concerned to create the kind of trauma-free and pain-free learning experiences, through gentle non-invasive touch and guided movements, that I would have wished for myself as a child “

    bravo !


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